Finally Arrived!

The lessons you have been searching for to blend the life you love with a career in medicine that speaks to your soul. 

When I created 5 Lessons in Life and Medicine I thought of YOU!  

Specifically, I thought about the lessons that I hoped and wished and prayed I had in my career, that are not found in textbooks, online, or shared by preceptors and mentors, but would have made all the difference.  

The days will be long. The volume of knowledge continues to grow.  

Success in life and in medicine takes your commitment to lifelong learning. The secret is knowing exactly what to learn. 

To get to the ease and flow, we have to learn how to navigate the rough terrain.        
5 Lessons in Life and Medicine provides a roadmap along this journey so that you: 

  • Unlock the power that lies within. 
  • Stop searching outside of yourself for the appreciation and confidence that you crave.
  • Tap into gratitude as fuel for your next level of success. 
  • Adopt daily success habits to book-end your day 
  •  Build a professional brand that aligns with your core values  

Are you truly committed to making the shift?  

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